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About IQ-Tech Solutions

IQ-Tech Solutions is a multi national, multidisciplinary company headed in Bangalore. We are pioneers in development of software's, web sites, web based applications. We are also into design of embedded projects for home and industrial automation. Our experts carry out guidance of academic project and research assistance. We also do consultation in deferent disciplines of Engineering Technology, especially in Renewable Energy Research Projects.

We Innovate the Quest of aspirants....Our open work culture, horizontal structure, team dynamics and knowledge transfer sessions has enabled us to build a solid development team and maintain long-term client relationships. Our strength is the ability to transform our in-depth understanding of industrial needs into a comprehensive choice of innovative solutions that harness advanced technology, trend-setting style and user-oriented design philosophy. A perfect balance between reliable performance and superior value. iQ-Tech's IT solutions will make sound commercial sense to companies and professionals who take their business seriously.

We can proudly state that, our company is the pioneer in using cloud-computing technology for the benefit of the Health Care Industry.loud computing is tomorrows technology. The best example of cloud computing is Google and its various applications like Google docs, gbridge etc. To understand this technology in a better way, try out "Google docs". It is similar to Microsoft's MSWORD. The only difference being it is accessible from any system, anywhere with an Internet connection. Installation of Google docs is not required as you would with Microsoft Office.. Our Hospital Information System (HIS) , Online Medical records solution - MediQ, Content Management (CMS) etc work on cloud computing technology. We have many reliable software products with different technologies. We develop custom applications based on new requirements specified by the clients.

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